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For a lot of patients with Sleep Apnea, the CPAP machine (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) is the best solution to help create positive airflow during sleep. Patients seeing their CPAP machine aren’t always very excited about the design, based on the fact that it must go around your head and cover your nose. Patients can raise a few suspicions, but the end result is a healthier lifestyle, better sleep and reduced risk of stroke and heart attack.

Getting Comfortable With Your Mask
First reaction from seeing the CPAP machine is that it does not look like the most comfortable device to wear, especially when we are talking about sleep. Until you’ve become accustomed to wearing your mask, it is going to be a little uncomfortable. Practice wearing your CPAP mask every night and eventually, you will realize you can’t sleep without it!

Using a Humidifier
Not all users, but most, will experience some dryness of the nose and throat when first starting to use their machine. A great way to counteract this is by putting a humidifier in the room when you are sleeping. Thankfully, most new CPAP machines will start to have a built-in heated tube and humidifier, so you won’t have to worry as much about an uncomfortable dry throat and nose.

Traveling With Your Machine
A common worry about using your CPAP machine is traveling with it. Taking the time to prepare a bit more will take away that added stress of packing your machine. The manufacturer has made sure the machine can be packed up and stored for easy use. When traveling by plane, it is suggested to take your prescription with you and take your CPAP as a carry on. This way you cover all of the bases as to not have any issues arise.

Changing parts of your lifestyle will help tremendously in improving your sleep. Habits such as drinking, smoking and eating certain foods before bed can hinder your sleep patterns vastly. The CPAP machine is a huge advancement that will continue to change the way patients living with Sleep Apnea get a better night sleep. Thus, improving your overall health and well being.